My Bucketlist

My bucketlist is looong and everyday I find more things that would fit perfectly in several categories, but I decided to write down three things each from different categories: adventures, learning something new, and making someone else happy.


Uffff this one is definitely one of the hardest. There are so many experiences I would thrive to do one day, most of these trips are connected to nature, discovering the power of nature, that´s all about. I have seen so many places in my life, but I guess one of the things that has the top #1 place in my “Bucketlist” is experiencing the northern lights live. That would be so epic and amazing if it ever happens I will probably start crying out of joy.

Joy, this just leads us to the next part.


Bringing joy into someones´ life:

There are so many ways of making people happy, bringing some joy in their life even if it´s only a small smile, to me this means the world and it is one of the most amazing things in life which ALWAYS makes my day. It is clearly out of our power to bring joy to everyones´ lives, but we still can do something indeed. Help. This does not necessarily mean travelling to developing country, it means starting small. Helping the people around you, smile to them, be kind and try to give something back. It´s about the small steps that lead will bring you to the big things in the end.

Learning something new:

I can definitely add my love for languages here – languages open the world and so many great things can happen if you are able to talk several different languages. I would love to learn French but still there are so many more things I am so keen on learning. To learn is to live.


As well I would love to know what´s on your bucketlist! Let me know, please leave my a comment below! Have a nice evening 🙂